Unique New Park Bench Without Armrest

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The key element that ensures the durability of the structure is the robust machine legs, which are made of high-quality cast iron and weigh 12.6 kg each. To maintain the consistency of the cast parts, we employ stringent quality control measures. Furthermore, the legs are coated with a protective layer of black varnish powder to safeguard against corrosion and adverse weather conditions.

These cast iron legs are intelligently designed with strategically placed holes that allow for secure fixation of the bench to the ground. Additionally, the feet of the bench are also crafted from cast iron and incorporate holes for floor mounting, providing extra stability.

The frame of the bench is skill fully constructed using cast iron alder, a sturdy material known for its durability. Before assembly, the alder wood undergoes a meticulous treatment process that includes impregnation and varnishing to enhance its resistance to various environmental factors.

To add a touch of elegance, the boards of the bench are crafted in a teak colour, complementing the overall aesthetic appeal. These boards are thoughtfully designed with drilled holes, ensuring proper water drainage and allowing for a comfortable seating experience. To protect the cast iron components, they are coated with a layer of high-quality powder in a matching colour.

Overall, the bench weighs a total of 45 kg, demonstrating its robustness and stability. It is also equipped with convenient holes for floor mounting, providing an additional option for secure installation.

By combining the strength of cast iron, the durability of alder wood, and the attention to detail in design, we have created a bench that not only withstands the test of time but also adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space.

Length :
150 cm

Height :
72 cm

Seat width :
42 cm

Made of :
cast iron, alder