New Wooden Garden Bench 170cm

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Product description

A garden bench allows you to create the right conditions for relaxation in a private garden. It also works great in publicly accessible urban space. The presented type of bench is an excellent example of classic design with a light form, while using durable materials. A 170 cm garden bench can withstand heavy loads and can accommodate 3 or 4 people. The frame, legs and armrests are made of cast-iron castings, machine molded into smooth connections of gentle curves. Mechanical production produces an identical pattern. Cast iron is a durable and heavy material. Powder coating in black allowed for an even, uniform surface and long-term protection against corrosion. Wooden slats are bolted to the cast iron frame, creating a comfortable seat and backrest. The slats are made of alder wood, which is more durable than popular, cheaper coniferous species. The impregnation protects the wood against the adverse effects of changing weather conditions. The manufacturer envisaged the possibility of attaching the Vienna garden bench to the ground through prepared holes in the cast iron feet. Attaching the bench eliminates the risk of it tipping over or theft, which is especially important when used in public places. The boards already have pre-drilled holes - so the bench can be turned in a few minutes. Comparing to competing products, pay attention to: machine-molded iron castings and powder-coated alder wood planks - better than pine or spruce, impregnated boards and 2 times painted all holes drilled.

Dimensions of the set elements:

Boards used for the production of the bench: length: 170 cm width: 9 cm thickness: 3.5 cm

Dimensions of the bench:

Overall length: 170 cm seat height measured from the ground: 40 cm backrest height: 75 cm seat depth: 40 cm weight of the entire bench: 35 kg