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Wooden Garden Bench

Looking for a stylish and sturdy bench to add to your garden or terrace? Check out this beautiful wooden garden bench with vintage armrests!

Crafted from high-quality alder wood, this bench is built to last. The wooden slats are 30mm thick, providing a comfortable and supportive seat for you and your guests. The bench measures 150cm x 69cm x 40cm, with a seat height of 34cm and depth of 40cm.

The elegant frame is made from solid cast iron, which is rust-free and adds a touch of vintage charm to the design. The bench weighs over 28kg, providing a stable and secure seating option for your outdoor space.

To ensure that the bench is weather-resistant and can withstand the elements, the wood has been impregnated twice and painted twice. This treatment also enhances the natural beauty of the wood, giving it a rich and polished appearance.

The bench comes unassembled, but don't worry - it's easy to put together! The set includes 6 painted and impregnated alder wood planks, 2 cast iron side parts, and all the necessary assembly accessories. An easy-to-follow manual is also included, so you can have your bench set up in no time.

Finally, the set includes a cover for the bench, which is perfect for protecting it from the elements when not in use. With its high-quality materials and thoughtful design, this wooden garden bench is the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

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