Round Garden Table Two Size DELUXE

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Product Information

A garden furniture piece made of solid alder wood and robust cast iron is a perfect choice for any garden or park. The unique appearance and character of the garden table are complemented by the solid cast iron parts and excellent weather resistance. The table accommodates up to 4 people and has a practical storage space for small items.

The product is manufactured to the highest standards and consists of carefully selected wood and high-quality cast iron components. The structure ensures long-lasting durability and safety, so you will enjoy it for many years.

Alder wood is particularly suitable for outdoor use as it is resistant to fungi and pests. The density and hardness of the wood make it ideal for daily use. It is recommended to treat the wood with commercial care oil every year to maintain its weather resistance and preserve the colour.

The table features a round wooden top with cast iron frame and "teak" painted panels, which can be used in private gardens, public areas, or beer gardens. The product is delivered for self-assembly, but the manufacturer has made the assembly quick and easy. The holes are pre-drilled, so you only need to insert screws and nuts.

For use in public areas, the table can be secured to the ground to prevent theft. The cast iron parts are machine-formed and offer a smooth surface.

A wooden table with solid cast iron parts gives any garden or park a unique appearance and character. This product has been manufactured to the highest standards, making it extremely durable and weather-resistant. Alder wood is particularly suitable for outdoor use as it is highly resistant to fungi and pests and is ideal for daily use due to its density and hardness.

With a width of 80/100 cm and a height of 72 cm, the table accommodates up to 4 people. It also has a storage space for a small shelf where you can keep small items.

Furniture made of alder wood is very easy to maintain. It is recommended to treat them every season with commercial care oil for solid wood to maintain their weather resistance and ensure that your furniture looks good even after years of use.

The product offered is complete and delivered for self-assembly. The manufacturer has made every effort to make assembly quick and easy. The cast iron frames have pre-drilled holes in the feet, making it easy to secure the table to the ground and protect it from theft. The cast iron parts used are machine-formed to ensure a smooth surface.

This table is perfect for use in home gardens, public areas, or beer gardens and provides a durable and safe product that you will enjoy for many years.