Rectangular Garden Table Hit

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▶ A wooden garden table with massive iron castings gives a unique look and character, it should be found in every garden or park. Extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions. Alder wood is particularly suitable for outdoor use because it is very resistant to fungi and pests. Its density and hardness make it ideal for everyday use.
▶ The product was manufactured to the highest standards. Cast iron structural components as well as selected wood create a durable and safe product that you can enjoy for many years, extremely durable.
▶ The table has a storage space for a small shelf, which allows you to store small items.
▶ Alder furniture is very easy to maintain. It is recommended to treat it every season with standard care oil for solid wood to maintain their resistance to weather conditions. It also guarantees that your furniture will retain its colour and look great even after years of use.
▶ Length 150 cm x width 74 cm x height 72 cm. It can accommodate up to 6 people.


Iron frames, with boards painted in "teak" colour, and a rectangular cast iron table with a wooden top. The presented product is intended both for use in home gardens, as well as in public places or beer garden. The offered product is complete - i.e. iron castings are protected and ready for use, the boards are impregnated and varnished. The product is delivered on a pallet and is intended for self-assembly.
The set is delivered to you on a pallet and is intended for self-assembly. The manufacturer has made every effort to ensure that this installation is easy and quick, which is why all holes in the boards are pre-drilled. All you have to do is move the bolts and washer and tighten the nut. We suggest paying special attention to assembly - you can buy cheaper boards, without pre-drilled holes, for which assembly is done with wood screws, but this solution extends the installation time several times, requires the use of a screwdriver and the perfect measurement of the arrangement of holes in relation to each other.
Simple mounting to the ground protects against theft
If benches and a table are used in public places, it is possible to attach them to the floor. Cast iron frames have pre-drilled holes in the feet so you do not need to modify table.
The iron castings used are machine formed - this ensures a smooth casting surface.