New outdoor wooden garden bench, solid wood garden bench.

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Product description

A garden bench made of solid cast iron offers a unique and distinctive appearance that should not be missing in any garden or park. With the use of high-quality alder wood, it is particularly resistant to fungi and pests, making it ideal for outdoor use. Its density and hardness make it perfect for daily use.

The product has been manufactured to the highest standards and consists of robust cast iron structural elements and selected wood, ensuring durability and safety. A 168 cm long garden bench can accommodate 3 to 4 people and is capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Alder furniture is very easy to maintain. To ensure weather resistance, it is recommended to treat it with a standard solid wood care oil every season. This will help preserve its colour and keep it looking good even after many years of use.

The overall length of the bench is 170 cm, the seat height measured from the ground is 40 cm, the backrest height is 75 cm, and the seat depth is 40 cm. The total weight of the bench is 35 kg.

A garden bench made of solid cast iron with alder wood is a durable and safe product that brings joy for many years and is unique in its appearance and character.